All-in-one Home Studio Sound Card with Bluetooth


All-in-one Home Studio Sound Card with Bluetooth

A comprehensive solution for audio processing that integrates audio collecting, processing and output controlling. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers, including Android, iOS, Window and macOS. It is plug-and-play with no extra driver required. The built-in DSP digital audio processor makes it possible to vary your voice and add more sound effect to your podcast with one single button, which will make your livestream more entertaining.


Features :

1. An all-in-one mixing console designed for live streaming, podcasting, and song recording.

2. Dual microphone input for two people live stream. Features pitch changers, key control, and reverb modes to enrich your content.

3.Instant customisable vocal FX and sound effects is supported to make your live streaming or recordings more entertaining to your audiences.

4. Built-in battery that supports up to 8 hours of off-grid live streaming

5. Stream to up to 4 devices that include computers and smartphones. Compatible with Windows and macOS.

And more...


Material: Metal
Colour: Black
Channel System: Dual Channel
Output Sampling Rate: 32KHz

Audio Interface: 3.5mm 
Battery: Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery

Charging: 5V/1A
Product Size: 211.5 X 170 X 38mm/8.33 X 6.69 X 1.5"



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