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Lean Protein Is Good For More Than Weight Loss

While lean protein is a great addition to your diet when you’re trying to lose those pesky extra pounds, that’s not the only benefit it provides. There’s a lot more good that comes from the regular consumption of lean protein like those found in egg whites, chicken and white turkey meat, lean pork and beef, Greek yogurt, and even plant based proteins like hemp seeds, tofu and the likes. If you’re not already putting a focus on consuming some form of lean protein each day, there’s no better time than the present to get started.


Let’s start with the obvious health benefit. Eating lean protein will fill you up which keeps you from eating foods that are full of sugar, carbs, saturated fats, or various additives and chemicals. That means you’ll eat healthier and consume less junk. That’s also one of the reasons why consuming lean protein daily is such a great weight loss tool. The end result is a healthier body and you’ll feel more energized and ready to move as a result of that reduced weight.


There is also a pretty strong indication that increasing your consumption of lean protein over other fatty or sugary foods helps protect your heart. That’s probably one of the reasons both the Mediterranean Diet and the traditional Japanese diet are so heart healthy. Lean protein may be one of the reasons why those regions see a much lower rate of heart disease.


Last but not least, let’s talk about how lean protein will help you increase your own lean muscle mass. Athletes and body builders know how important it is to consume plenty of lean protein to grow muscles and perform better. Protein helps you recover and rebuild muscle. If your goal is to increase your lean muscle mass you need two things – workouts and lean protein. While there are a few amino acids (the basic building blocks that make up proteins) that our bodies can produce from other foods, there are some so called “essential amino acids” that we can only get from our food.


And now we come full circle. As you work out, eat clean, lean protein and increase your own lean muscle mass, your body starts to burn more calories. Your resting metabolic rate goes up and you start burning fat even while you sleep. That in turn helps you lose more weight, feel better, and get healthier in the long run. Lean protein is pretty amazing fuel for our bodies.

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